Cardiff West Community High School

additional learning needs

At Cardiff West CHS we appreciate that all learners are entitled to a fully rounded and inclusive curriculum. The principle of the ALN system (ALNET ACT 2018), as reflected in the Code Of Practice (2021) is inclusive education. At CWCHS, meeting the needs of learners with ALN is a whole school approach and as such is a part of policies within Cardiff West.

Learner’s needs will be met initially at universal provision level (UP) where staff, through effective teaching and learning, make decisions and adapt to meet the needs of the learner.

At times a number of learners, for many different reasons, may need targeted catch up (CU) intervention with the expectation that this supports progression and will remove barriers to their learning.

For a very few learners, when they are identified as having ALN at CWCHS, that requires Additional Learning Provision (ALP), the school will create and maintain an Individual Development Plan (IDP). ALN can be defined into 4 categories:

1. Cognition and learning

2. Emotional, social and behavioural difficulties

3. Communication and Interaction

4. Physical and sensory

The IDP is the document that identifies the barriers to learning and what additional learning provision is necessary to address or mitigate these. CWCHS following the ALNET, will provide accessible information to parents/guardians and pupils. This will be done through a person-centered approach that fully involves everyone involved in the learner’s life and in the decisions that affect them. Parent and pupil friendly information on these processes can be found on CWCHS website under the ALN section.