Cardiff West Community High School

Staff 2023-24

Senior Leadership Team

Mike Tate - Headteacher

Victoria Evans - Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum and Standards

Kathryn Stevens - Deputy Headteacher - Ethos and Inclusion

Felicity Mitchell - Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning

Rhiannon Pritchard - Assistant Headteacher - Attendance and Wellbeing

Rhys Pritchard - Assistant Headteacher - Community and Partnerships

Additional Learning Needs and Provisions

Bex Davies-Cox - ALNCo

Geraldine Union - Accelerate lead teacher

Louise Avenell - Teaching assistant

Rebecca Ayres - Teacher of nurture provision

Nana Baah - Teacher of BESD provision

Vickie Blackburn - Teaching assistant

Sarah Burt - Nurture HLTA

Sarah Cross - Nurture HLTA

Rose Dale - Teaching assistant

Abi Davies - Teacher of accelerate provision

Sue Downes - Teaching assistant

Rhiannon Godden - Teacher of accelerate provision

Joanne Hamed - Teaching assistant

Donna James - Teacher of BESD provision

Simon Jenkins - Outreach HLTA

Claire Jeremy - Teaching assistant

Taylor March - Teaching assistant

Ryan Malton - Teaching assistant

Gerard O'Keefe - Teacher of BESD provsion

Julia O'Keefe - Teacher of ALN provision

Georgia Parfitt - Teaching assistant

Alison Younis - Teaching assistant

English and Literacy

Matthew Evans - Area Lead

Darcy Killin - Leader of learning, English

Zoe Aitkin - Teacher of English and literacy

Victoria Ashford - Teacher of English and literacy

Sarah Botfield - Cover supervisor

Demi-Louise Hayes - Teaching assistant

Alana Morris - Literacy co-ordinator

Noel Murray - Literacy intervention support

Clare Owen - Teacher of English and literacy

Tracey Sullivan-Godfrey - Teacher of English and literacy

Expressive Arts

Naomi Davies - Area Lead

Savannah Anderson - Teaching assistant

Daley Chapman - Teacher of expressive arts

Ellie Donald - Teacher of expressive arts

Ffion Evans - Teacher of expressive arts

Alex Hiscocks - Teacher of art, technology and personal development

Laura Morgan - Teacher of expressive arts - Progress lead, year 7

Kelly Murphy - Hairdressing tutor

Danielle Stokes - Hairdressing technician

Health and Wellbeing

Stefan Sankala - Area Lead

Fraser Donkin - Teacher of health and wellbeing

Stacey Grew - Teacher of health and wellbeing - Progress lead, year 8

Lindsay Lewis - Teacher of health and wellbeing

Jack Smyth - Teacher of health and wellbeing

Marius Walters - Cover supervisor


Mike Knight - Area Lead

Dan Cain - Leader of learning, humanities

Lindsey Davies - Teacher of humanities - Progress lead, year 10

Rebecca Nation - Teacher of humanities

Daniel Tuerena - Teaching assistant


Sarah Wilkins - Head of Department

Hayley Alonso - Teacher of languages

Trudy Groskop - Teacher of languages

Louise Stanwyck - Teacher of Welsh

Essam Nazzal - Cover supervisor

Mathematics and Numeracy

Sophie Henderson - Area Lead

Tristan Bradley - Teacher of maths and numeracy

Edouard Couste - Teacher of maths and numeracy

Tim Curtis - Numeracy Co-ordinator

Jon Davies - Numeracy intervention support

Samantha Donaghey - Teacher of maths and numeracy

James Evans - Teacher of maths and numeracy

Camron George - Teaching assistant

Sam Lomasney - Teacher of maths and numeracy

Sara Thomas - Teacher of maths and numeracy - progress lead, year 9

Science and Information Technology

Paul Brooks - Area Lead

Claire Burns - Leader of learning, science

Matt Rawlings - Leader of learning, ICT

Farhana Begum - Teacher of science

Lloyd Birt - Teacher of ICT and health and wellbeing

Gwyn Davies - Science technician

Jan Delos-Santos - Teacher of science

Anna Everitt - Teacher of ICT and business studies - Progress lead, 6th form

Kelly Patterson - Teaching assistant

Vicky Phillips - Teacher of science - Progress lead, year 11

Andrew Sartain - Teacher of science

Hamara Sattar - Teacher of science

Specialist Resource Base

Bella Giamei - SRB lead teacher

Adele Lewis-Chambers - SRB teacher

Laura Ashton - SRB HLTA

Maddison Burt - SRB HLTA

Deb Rhys-Harries - SRB HLTA

Misha Burrows - SRB teaching assistant

Stephen Drummond - SRB teaching assistant

Luke Harry - SRB teaching assistant

Lesley Hazelwood - SRB teaching assistant


Anne Chivers - Head of department

Jane Douglas - Food technician

Thomas Marindire - Teacher of technology

Kayleigh Prosser - Teacher of technology

Agnes Van-Veen - Teacher of technology

Welsh Baccalaureate

Ceri Ellis - Head of department

Chris Cox - Teacher of Welsh baccalaureate


Gaynor Edwards - Business Manager

Giten Kapdee - Network Manager

Ryan Andrews - Finance officer

Mary Brennan - Finance officer

Rene Chow - Administration officer

Donna Radford - Administration officer

Attendance Support

Jayne Coughlin - Cluster attendance officer

Chloe Morris - Year 8 safeguarding and attendance officer

Ginny Hodgetts - Year 9 safeguarding and attendance officer

Sally Mohammed - Year 10 safeguarding and attendance officer

Michelle Ackerman - Year 11 safeguarding and attendance officer


Guy Handley - Estates manager

John Gauci - Estates officer

Andrew Miller - Estates officer

Examination and Data

Donna Frowen - Data manager

Lindsey Martin - Sixth form data and administration support

Rhiannon Simmonds - Examination officer

Learning and Ethos Support

Dan Marsh - Year 7 Learning and ethos officer

Luke Windels - Year 10 Learning and ethos officer

Paolo Carpanini - Year 9 Learning and ethos officer

Ben Bell - Year 11 Learning and ethos officer

Tracey Evans - Provisions Learning and ethos officer

Soraya Kelly - Family engagement officer

Susie Shepherd - First aid


Karen Howells - Wellbeing Manager