Cardiff West Community High School


Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are mandatory cross-curricular skills within Curriculum for Wales. It is the responsibility of all teachers and support staff in Cardiff West CHS to ensure that pupils of all ages and abilities are making progress in these key areas. We ensure this happens through a range of methods.

Should you wish to speak to someone about your child's understanding or development of their skills the following staff will be able to advise you: 
Mr. T. Curtis - Numeracy Coordinator 
Ms. A. Morris - Literacy Coordinator 
Mr. M. Rawlings - Digital Competence Coordinator

Literacy in Cardiff West CHS

Numeracy in Cardiff West CHS

Form Time Numeracy 
Numeracy Ninja's is completed by forms at KS3 once a week and is regular repetitive practise. Students are supported with skills via maths lessons and pupils try to improve their 'Ninja belt' week-on-week. 
A targeted approach where students complete an individualised small group session every 4-week period. Skills are taught and practised so that the improved skills can be used within a class setting. 
Common approaches 
At Cardiff West CHS we have a standardised approach of language and strategies. All staff and students follow these approaches for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and graphing. This aids familiarity and ensures a high quality output without misconceptions.

Digital Competence in Cardiff West CHS