Cardiff West Community High School


Religion, Values, and Ethics (RVE) is a mandatory subject for all children studying in Wales. This marks an exciting and pivotal moment for RVE as it becomes an integral part of the Humanities Area of Learning for the first time. While grouped under the Humanities Area, which also includes geography, history and sociology, the disciplines that are learnt in RVE share common themes, concepts, and transferable skills, with many curriculum areas.


The traditional subject of "Religious Education" has evolved into "Religion, Values, and Ethics" to encompass a broader approach that reflects the diversity of the 21st-century population in Wales. We all have a crucial role in Cardiff West CHS in inspiring our pupils to expand their knowledge, skills, and experiences within the realm of Religion, Values, and Ethics. The young people that are studying at Cardiff West CHS will develop lifelong learning skills and interests, preparing them for life beyond the school environment.


How is RVE developed across the curriculum in Cardiff West CHS?

- Discreet RVE lessons

- Religious Studies option at GCSE level

- All pupils in years 9-11 study Equality and Diversity

- Educational visits

- Daily act of collective worship

- Form time activities

- Debate Mate - ethical discussions

- Opportunity for exploration of moral issues in wider subject areas such as: science, English, expressive arts, Welsh baccalaureate

- Bi-weekly assemblies for years 7-11