Cardiff West Community High School


A central part to our learning curriculum at Cardiff West CHS exists within our provisions block, our very own 'school within a school'.

We recognise that a mainstream education is, for some pupils, a significant challenge. This challenge may be for a short period of time or on a longer-term basis. Where a child is presenting with significant issues over a period of time, the school will work with parents regarding whether a change of provision is appropriate in order to prevent possible permanent exclusion from education.

Our behavioural provisions are:

Ladder (7-8)

Platform (9-11)

Outreach (years 9-11)

These classes have a maximum class size of 12 per group.

Further to our behavioural provision, we also have provision for pupils who have extreme anxiety. 

Our anxiety provisions are:

Nurture (all years)

Outreach (9-11)

We also operate a number of 'Accelerate' classes in years 7 and 8 in which the curriculum is modelled to be literacy and numeracy rich to ensure pupils make maximum progress before their GCSE and options years. The class size in these groups is kept to around 20.

All of our provisions classes have bespoke teaching assistants support either in the lessons or as interventions.