Cardiff West Community High School



Please note: School policies are being updated and amended on a regular basis so if you find a policy that is out of date or missing then please inform us via the "Contact Us" page, and we will endeavour to rectify this at the earliest convenience.

The school abides by the latest policies as guided by the board of governors and Cardiff Council.

  1. PDG Plan 2018-19pdf
  2. Alcohol Drugs and Substance Misuse at Work (Management of) MODELpdf
  3. Antibullying Policy SCHOOLpdf
  4. Assessment and Marking Policy SCHOOL 17.7.17pdf
  5. Attendance Data Collection Appendixpdf
  6. Attendance Five Step Appendixpdf
  7. Attendance Guidance on attendance codes Appendixpdf
  8. Attendance Register Inspection Appendixpdf
  9. Behaviour for Learning Policy SCHOOL Sep 18pdf
  10. Capability Procedure for School Support Staff MODELpdf
  11. Complaints Policy January 2018 SCHOOLpdf
  12. DACW Policy Sep 18 SCHOOLpdf
  13. Data Protection Policy 20.9.17 MODELpdf
  14. Educational Visits Policy 2018-19 SCHOOLpdf
  15. Equality & Diversity Policy Sept 2017 MODELpdf
  16. Freedom of Information Policy September 2017 MODELpdf
  17. Healthcare Policy MODELpdf
  18. HR Manual for Schools MODEL April 16pdf
  19. Leave Policy and Procedure May 2017 (1) MODELpdf
  20. Performance Management Procedure - School Support Staff MODELpdf
  21. Redundancy Policy and Procedure Issue 8 (1) MODELpdf
  22. Resolution Policy for 6.12.17 MODELpdf
  23. Safeguarding Policy SCHOOL Sep 18pdf
  24. School Carers Policy Apr 2017 MODELpdf
  25. Sex and Relationships Policy SCHOOLpdf
  26. Teaching and Learning Policy SCHOOL Oct 18pdf
  27. WG disciplinary procedure - Issue 4 - May14 MODELpdf
  28. Whistleblowing Policy MODELpdf
  29. Cardiff West CHS Strategic Equality Planpdf
  30. Accessibility Planpdf
  31. CWCHS Model Whole School Pay Policy 2021 Approved 12th October 2022pdf
  32. CWCHS Charging and Remissions Policy 2022 Approved October 2022pdf
  33. CWCHS Health and Safety Policy September 2022 Approved October 2022pdf
  34. CWCHS Lettings Policy 2022 Approved October 2022pdf
  35. CWCHS Model Performance Management Policy 2022 Approved October 2022pdf
  36. CWCHS Model Whole School Pay Policy 2021 Approved 12th October 2022pdf
  37. School Admissions Policy 2022-2023pdf