Cardiff West Community High School


Numeracy is more commonly known as numerical skills that are used in everyday life. Numeracy tests are compulsory in KS3 following and at GCSE. Questions relate to real life maths applying skills to everyday events such as tax, travel and prices increases/decreases.


To impact our students, numeracy is mapped carefully across the school to ensure it is a skill embeded into every subject. Students also have specific numeracy lessons at KS3 alongside maths lessons.


Form time is used to promote numeracy skills. KS3 forms complete a weekly 'Numeracy Ninjas' task which is monitored for progress as well as being used to indentify key areas for development. Year 10 complete a weekly 'Corbett Maths' task and Year 11 a graded level task.


We aim to provide a broad and exciting curriculum that develops every child and prepares them to enter the working world with the key skills needed in life