Cardiff West Community High School

Governors Zone


The main purpose of the Governing Body for CWCHS is to ensure every pupil at our school has the best possible education from the resources available. We aim to do this in partnership with our staff, parents and our local community. Perhaps acting as a “critical friend” best describes our role; to be supportive of our staff and pupils but also, on occasion, to provide a degree of challenge to and accountability for the way the school is run.

The Governing Body is responsible for setting the school’s vision and strategic direction. In order to do this effectively we aim to secure, amongst other things;

·        Confidence that all the school’s pupils are well cared for in a safe and secure environment

·        A detailed knowledge of the school’s priorities

·        A knowledge of our school’s performance in relation to similar schools in Wales

·        An understanding of pupils’ attainment

·        Sound information on the school’s relative strengths and weaknesses, including knowing which part of the school is performing well and which requires improvement

·        Confidence in the way the school’s budget is allocated and deployed. In other words, ensuring the school’s finances are well spent.

The Governing Body currently meets as a whole every half term. There is also a number of governor sub committees to undertake our statutory duties and to discuss specific aspects of the school’s affairs e.g. Curriculum and Standards; Finance, Resources and Staffing; Health and Safety and Buildings; Marketing and Communications.

Our statutory committees include Pupil Discipline and Exclusion; Staff Discipline and Dismissal. There are also a number of governor panels to undertake statutory processes concerning issues such as complaints, performance management; pay reviews etc.

Dewi Jones (Chair)