Cardiff West Community High School

City of Cardiff Council

It is essential that as a Council we help the city’s young people put themselves in the strongest possible position to benefit from Cardiff’s growing economy. We want to make sure that that no one is left behind and that a child’s social background is not a determining factor in deciding whether or not they can build a successful career for themselves.

We are working to forge closer working links between the city’s education provision and its successful creative sector. The brand-new secondary school in the west of the city will act as a ‘pathfinder school’ to showcase this scheme.

With aims to provide a rich curriculum which gives children and young people real-world learning opportunities, there is a strong focus on ensuring that they are prepared for work, by developing communication skills, team working, flexibility, adaptability and entrepreneurial skills. In addition, pupils and students will gain a better understanding of the range of careers available in the creative sector.