Cardiff West Community High School

Additional Learning Needs & Inclusion

At Cardiff West CHS We believe our students should remain at the core of all our decisions and our aim is to deliver a fully inclusive education provision for all.

The principle of the ALN system (ALNET ACT 2018), as reflected in the Code Of Practice (2021), is inclusive education. At CWCHS, meeting the needs of learners with ALN is a whole school approach and, as such, is a part of policies within Cardiff West.

Learners' needs are met in the majority of cases through the use of Ordinarily Available Inclusive Practice (OAIP), which includes high quality teaching and learning strategies as well as a range of academic and wellbeing interventions. In a small number of instances, a learner may require a more bespoke approach to support, and these learners will be identified through a range of tracking and monitoring systems.

Below you will find documents and policies which you may find helpful in understanding the approach taken by Cardiff West CHS towards Additional Learning Needs.