Cardiff West Community High School

Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) is the term now used to describe pupils who were previously known as having Special Educational Needs (SEN). 

 The way that pupils are recognised as having ALN is changing.  Parents of pupils who have previously been placed on our ALN register will be asked to attend a meeting in school to discuss their pupils needs, to set targets and to decide a way forward.  It may be decided that your child may no longer be placed on the ALN register. This will mean that your child will be supported at a universal level within the classroom.  

The meeting is called a  Person Centred Planning Meeting (PCP),  and everyone's thoughts are recorded.   School will invite appropriate professionals from health and education, as well as parents and pupils to contribute to the meeting.  


The questions we consider are: 

  • What is going well? 

  •  What is not going well? 

  • Strengths 

  • Challenges 

  • What is important for the pupil? 

  • What is important to the pupil? 

  • What is the best thing about the pupil 


The following information and attachment, will give you more detailed information about ALN. 

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening? 

A lot has changed regarding ALN in Wales, the link below will give you an overview of these changes. 

Additional Learning Needs in Wales- What's happening?

This video is also available in Welsh

Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol yng Nghymru - beth sy'n digwydd?


ALN Conflict Resolution Information 


Support for Parents and Pupils  

 Please contact school if you are concerned about the support your child is able to access.  We will work together to solve any concerns. 

If you feel that we cannot sufficiently address your concerns, Snap Cymru is an organisation that provides support and advice to parents and pupils, and will also work with school to resolve any problems.  

If you have any concerns please speak to your child's class teacher or contact Mrs Davies-Cox, ALNCo