Cardiff West Community High School





Radio show going out today from 2.15pm, please have a listen. If you want to contact the show 

Tel 0845 838 5150 (free from most landlines)

Tel 0203 479 5258 (use if dialing from a mobile)


26/2/18 OPTIONS FAIR    


Today was our first radio broadcast! See the Community page to have a listen. Some comments from the students

“it boosted my confidence”

Jack Virgin, Year 9

“It was exciting although I was really nervous”

Kyle Ford, Year 8

“ It was different but good”

Danny, Year 8

“ It was great but I was scared”


“very good and fun but at first it was a bit stressful at the start”

James Timothy, Year 7


We have pleasure in announcing our 2018/2019 prospectus. Please download the link below